Welcome to NetSpa!

The net result: simply better!

NetSpa offers an exclusive range of inflatable, portable spas with the perfect blend of technology, design, quality, and service.
NetSpa‘s aim is to enable everyone to enjoy a haven of tranquillity at home.
Engineers, technicians, and graphical designers with over a decade’s worth of experience in the sector have completely reinvented the concept of inflatable hot tubs to offer a complete range of products that is as innovative as it is attractive.

NetSpa benefits

  • Larger dimensions for greater comfort
  • Smart, money-saving technology to reduce your running costs
  • Value-added spa packages with a protective case, an insulating cover and two filter cartridges included
  • A fashionable, modern design with robust, high-quality materials
  • Personal service with tailored instruction videos, customer support, and one of the most innovative maintenance packages on the market

Quality, design, service and price – the net result is that NetSpa makes all the difference.

NetSpa Technology

The net result is that our technology is simply better!

Our engineers have carefully optimised every aspect to provide you with a range of spas that are as easy to use as they are relaxing. Our products are secure and economical and offer the simplest maintenance system on the market!


NetSpa After Sales Service

Service that lives up to the standards set by our products

With a customer support team that’s based in France, NetSpa has revolutionised standards of after-sales service for inflatable hot tubs. Simple, effective, and quick, our after-sales solution requires no maintenance on your part and even allows you to keep the water in your tub – there are just five steps to follow!