NetSpa Technology

Our engineers have carefully optimised every aspect to provide you with a range of spas that are as easy to use as they are relaxing. Our products are secure and economical and offer the simplest maintenance system on the market!

Absolute safety

Dual insulation

An aluminium layer and an insulating polymer film surround the electric heating unit. This dual insulation effectively prevents any unwanted electrical discharge.

Three kinds of backflow protection

The NetSpa power unit features three mechanical valves that are designed to prevent water from penetrating the electrical parts of the hot tub.

Protection against overheating

With its smart programming, the heating unit automatically shuts down when the water temperature exceeds 42°C.

Integrated differential current power supply

The NetSpa power unit works with differential current (DC) which automatically cuts the power supply to prevent users from suffering any electric shocks. Its low intensity current (10mA) represents the highest safety standard currently available for inflatable hot tubs.

Locking of the control panel

By pressing the ▲ and ▼ keys, the control panel can be locked to prevent children from using the spa. It can be unlocked by pressing on the ▲ and ▼ keys a second time.

Secure locking

All NetSpa hot tubs are equipped with an insulating cover. This cover features secure latches that prevent children from opening the hot tub.

“Eco Intelligent” program

Energy-saving program

NetSpa has introduced innovative programming to its power unit and, in order to reduce the running costs of the hot tub, we’ve created the “Eco Intelligent” program. This prevents excessive power use by shutting down the heater unit when the water temperature reaches the desired temperature, and restarting heating when the temperature drops by 2°C.

Optimal insulation

NetSpa inflatable hot tubs are made from reinforced PVC panels that are 20cm thick. This extra thickness means that the water is better insulated than ever and, after each use, the heat insulating cover, which features a 6mm aluminium coating, further prevents heat loss. Combined with the Eco Intelligent system, these two additional factors considerably reduce the running costs associated with the hot tub.

Innovative after-sales technology

A process that’s easy for anyone to follow!

NetSpa has created an innovative power unit to make maintenance so easy that anyone can do it!

No intervention or product changement

Complicated replacement of parts is a thing of the past, as NetSpa will take care of the entire repair process with its innovative solution.

You no longer have to empty your tub to carry out repairs

Unlike hot tubs with integrated power units, access to the NetSpa power unit does not mean draining the water. With the quick maintenance facility, you can keep the water in your tub throughout the repair process.

Rapid repairs that are guaranteed to be effective!

NetSpa is at your service! A personal, rapid service will be offered as soon as your support incident has been created via our platform: