NetSpa Cleaner Super Vac cordless electric vacuum cleaner

A revolution for your pool maintenance!

4 to 6 persons
Easy and fast

A revolution for your pool maintenance!

Especially thought for spas and above-ground swimming pools, this vacuum cleaner allows you to easily clean your pool.

With its telescopic pole and rotating head, you can move it anywhere in the pool without putting your hands in the water.

This stand alone vacuum for swimming pool is compact and powerful. It can vacuum all the impurities and small debris contained in the water. The front container retains large debris such as sand and small stones; the filter retains all impurities.

The NetSpa cleaner is compatible with:

  • acrylic, rigid hot tubs
  • inflatable spas
  • semi-rigid spas
  • above-ground swimming pools
  • portable pools
  • Waterflex Fit's Pool


  • + Ergonomic design with “Soft Grip” handle
  • + Telescopic pole
  • + Practical and easy to use
  • + Robust and compact
  • + Vacuums dust, sand and small stones



NetSpa Cleaner Super Vac cordless vacuum cleaner characteristics

NetSpa Cleaner Super Vac layout
The Netspa Super Vac is provided with 1x vacuum cleaner, 1x 1.5L filter basket, 1x telescopic pole, 1x “Soft Grip” handle, 1x rotating handle, 1x charger, 1x Li-ion rechargeable battery
Use depth 3 meters
Water temperature Between 4°C and 35°C
Charge voltage 11,6V DC, 1000 mAh
Motor voltage 12V DC
Rechargeable Battery 11,1V DC 2.0Ah, 24W