NetSpa offers an exclusive range of inflatable, portablespas with the perfect blend oftechnology, design, quality, and service.NetSpa's aim is to enable everyone to enjoy a haven of tranquillity at home.

Engineers, technicians, and graphical designers with over a decade’s worth of experience in the sector have completely reinvented the concept of inflatable hot tubs to offer a complete range of products that is as innovative as it is attractive.

Our spas are all provided fully equipped. They have been designed for easy of installation: integrated inflating pump on our inflatables spas, dense foam walls on our semi-rigid spa and Plug & Play functionality on our rigid spas. Between uses, the hot tub is covered with an isothermal cover to preserve the heat inside the tub, prevent water evaporation and secure the space when unattended

Our universe: relaxation, warmth and decoration

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A word from our founder

Raphaël Elbaz

With the NetSpa brand, I wanted to make relaxation at home accessible to everyone.

So I thought of spas that are easy to install, but not only that. I wanted to bring that sense of security and, with it, peace of mind. Our semi-rigid spas with their insulating foam walls reinvent the portable spa experience. The dense foam walls provide a secure back support, while the insulating bottom mat integrated into the inner liner provides a comfortable seating position.

There is also the innovation of the removable motor block which manages the entire spa experience from installation to operation and maintenance.

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