NetSpa Ice – Next Generation Ice Bath

NetSpa Ice makes the practice of Ice Bath easy, economical, and accessible to everyone.
Plunge into cold water and stimulate the body's natural healing abilities.

The Exceptional Benefits of Cold Therapy

Reduces stress and anxiety,
improves sleep
Strengthens mental resilience
Reduces muscle and joint pain,
and hypertension
Accelerates revitalization
and recovery
Improves blood circulation
and strengthens
the immune system

For what purposes ?

After a sports session

After a sauna session

Moment of relaxation

How does it work?

Our Concept

With NetSpa Ice, easily maintain your spa's water at the desired temperature, from 3°C to 42°C.

From cold to hot with one click
Opt for a cold bath session, or the comfort of bubbles and warm water thanks to its reversible function.

Our concept makes cold therapy accessible to everyone. Whether for gyms or private individuals, for daily or occasional use, for group or individual sessions, NetSpa Ice meets all your needs.

The chiller and heating functions allow you to cool and raise the water temperature while achieving significant energy savings.

Beneficial for the body and mind

No need for ice cubes to cool the water

Collective Ice Bath for up to 4 people

Practical and elegant storage furniture

Temperature control via wifi

Reversible spa function, warm and bubbly

over €3,000
per year*

No more
ice needed

Practicing Ice baths requires using several kilos of ice which must be transported and then stored for each session.
NetSpa Ice is a new solution that allows you to cool your water and maintain its temperature while saving energy and time.

There is no need to buy ice cubes, or to throw away your water after your ice bath, as it is kept clean thanks to the filtration system.

*calculation based on 5 baths per week

In one click, from cold
to hot


Thanks to the reversible temperature control technology, your NetSpa Ice becomes the perfect relaxation companion.

With water heated up to 42°C, relax and let yourself be enveloped by the invigorating benefits of swirling bubbles.

Transform your NetSpa Ice into a spa with just one click.

Ice Bath

The only Ice Bath that allows you to share a recovery moment among athletes.

With a diameter of 1.40m, the NetSpa Ice is designed to accommodate up to 4 people simultaneously, meeting the needs of both gyms and private users.

Who will dare to brave the 3°C water?
Challenge your friends with the #NetSpaIceChallenge

and elegant

Enjoy custom storage space that perfectly integrates around your spa.

The set of 5 modules consists of 3 storage spaces for your sports accessories, a seat with cushion, and a chest for concealing the motor block.

The set of 5 furniture pieces is available as an option.

Remote Temperature

In one click, program and control the ideal temperature of your spa remotely, using the free Tuya app available on smartphones.

From 3°C to 42°C, adjust the ideal water temperature to enjoy an optimal session and meet your needs.

Healthy and filtered

NetSpa Ice's integrated filtration cartridges ensure impeccably pure water with every use.

Whether cold or hot, the filtration system provides effective cleaning to meet all your needs, whether for individual or group use.

Thus fully enjoy your spa in complete serenity.

Constructed with
insulating materials

NetSpa Ice is made with high-quality insulating materials. Its foam walls and thermal cover significantly limit heat loss and help maintain the water at the desired temperature.

This effective barrier against thermal loss allows for prolonged ice bath and spa sessions without requiring excessive energy consumption.

The benefits of Netspa ice

Classic Icebath

Netspa ice

Unstable variable temperature
Only 1 place
No insulation
Water replaced
after each use
Exclusively cold water
Precise temperature down to 3°C
Up to 4 people
Insulation with foam walls and thermal cover
Water filtered with cartridge filter
Cold (3°C) and hot (42°C) function
with bubbles

Netspa ice

Precise temperature down to 3°C
Up to 4 people
Insulation with foam walls and thermal cover
Water filtered with cartridge filter
Cold (3°C) and hot (42°C) function with bubbles

Classic Icebath

Unstable variable temperature
Only 1 place
No insulation
Water replaced after each use
Exclusively cold water

Customer Reviews

I take cold baths after each of my sports sessions. The Netspa Ice is very practical, it allows to regulate the water temperature throughout the day and thus avoids the use of ice cubes.

P. Julien (83)

The NetSpa Ice is perfect for a collective cold bath session for up to 4 people. Ideal for my gym and very easy to install.

C. Blanchard (66)

I appreciate the ecological and economical aspect of the NetSpa Ice which allows us to do away with the tons of ice cubes usually used every week to cool the water temperature.

M. Lefevere (75)

We Answer Your Questions

Ice baths are known for their multiple benefits, including:

  • Improved recovery process

Intense training causes micro-tears in muscle fibers, triggering inflammation that can cause post-workout soreness. Prevent and limit this inflammation and soreness with the effects of the ice bath.

  • Reduced fatigue through more restorative sleep

Cold water immersion reduces micro-arousals and periodic limb movements, thus improving slow-wave sleep. Researchers have found that taking a cold shower before bedtime can promote neuromuscular recovery after intense exercise. Ice baths facilitate the release of melatonin, which contributes to the quality of sleep. Improve your sleep and recovery with this simple and effective practice.

  • Improved overall well-being and reduced stress

Exposure to cold can stimulate the secretion of "happiness hormones," or endorphins, which reduces stress and improves mood.

  • Strengthened immune system and improved blood circulation

A 2014 study based on Dutch athlete Wim Hof showed that regular ice bath practice could strengthen the body's ability to defend against infectious diseases.

  • Stimulation of metabolism

The metabolism increase induced by ice baths requires energy expenditure to regulate body temperature, with an effect that persists even after exposure ends. Preliminary indications suggest that this practice could strengthen the immune system.

It is recommended to stay in cold water for a maximum of 15 minutes. Obviously, the colder the water in your NetSpa Ice, the shorter the duration should be. It is strongly advised to consult a doctor before practicing cold water immersion to avoid any risks.

It is recommended to immerse in cold water within 20 minutes after a workout session. Although an ice bath is most effective after intense training—that is, when the muscles are damaged. Some people prefer daily cold immersion to experience the psychological benefits and energy release it provides. However, remember to seek medical advice before starting this practice. 

The NetSpa Ice requires minimal maintenance, provided a few basic rules are observed:

  • Good water circulation
  • Regular maintenance of the filtration system
  • Maintaining a good water balance: check, balance, disinfect 
  • Cover the spa and maintain the temperature
  • Shower before each session to remove all residues and impurities