Plug & Play technology: Install, plug in, relax!

4 persons
Easy and fast

Being selfish and taking time for yourself

Adopt this art of living where you choose to disconnect from everything. Immersed in your spa, your well-being becomes your only focus.

NetSpa helps you make this choice with complete European-made spas, equipped with the best equipment.

In the Halfmoon you are comfortably installed in water at 38°C. Lying down, you enjoy a Shiatsu massage of your back and legs. Sitting down, a complete massage circuit relaxes all tensions, from shoulders to legs. You come out deeply relaxed, ready to reconnect.

The round design of the Halfmoon lends itself to a classic decor, which you can easily add your own personal touches to. Thanks to its compact dimensions you can create your own wellness area wherever you want.

Your Halfmoon rigid spa is equipped with a control panel and heater by award-winning Balboa.

The USA Lucite/Aristech acrylic tub offers excellent ergonomics with a comfortable seating capacity in naturally ozonated water.


  • + Balboa® TP500 Control panel
  • + Lucite® / Aristech ABS/PMMA Tub
  • + CMP® Jets
  • + Floating skimmer
  • + High density Nomawood® Cabinet
  • + 1 Two-speed 2.2CV pump
  • + Ozone treatment
  • + LED light spot + Perimetrical LED lighting
  • + Easily plugs in with a 16A electrical outlet


Tub and structure
Electrical equipment
Why choose the Halfmoon acrylic spa

Plug & Play

Install, plug in, relax.

With the NetSpa acrylic spa, relaxing and resting becomes your only concern.

This spa can be installed and connected in an instant to a 16A household electrical outlet in the space you have reserved for it.

Just enough time to fill up and send out your invitations before relaxing with a good massage and chromotherapy.

CMP® massaging jets

In your NetSpa rigid spa, you enjoy a complete wellness break.

Adjustable jets are optimally placed throughout the spa. Be it mind or muscles relaxation, you choose the type of massage that suits you best.

Natural ozone treatment

Enjoy your relaxing break with peace of mind in healthy, naturally disinfected water.

NetSpa acrylic spas are equipped with an ozonator for water purification. Bacteria, viruses and algae are eliminated by oxidation. This type of natural treatment also prevents unpleasant odours and the formation of limescale.


Fatigue, depression or anxiety: a session in your spa will soothe your state of mind.

Thanks to a set of LED lighting projected throughout the tub, you can enjoy the natural benefits of chromotherapy.

Two-Speed pump

Water filtration and jets operation are two separate components. This is why NetSpa has chosen to equip its acrylic spas with a two-speed pump. With a twin winding system, the pump modulates its speed according to the function it is performing.

Floating skimmer

The floating skimmer in your spa adjusts itself to the water level. It therefore avoids it from flooding up as soon as an additional person joins you in the tub. Water filtration is optimized at all time.

High density Nomawood® Cabinet

Elegant and Resistant

Your NetSpa acrylic spa is clad with high quality exterior panels that are both elegant and durable. Your wellness area becomes a real hub where family and friends share memorable moments.

Capacity 4 persons: 3 seated + 1 lounged
Control panel Balboa© TP500
Hydromassage jets (x23) CMP®: rotating + twin-rotary
Air control Venturi: Air/Water mix contro
Wwater treatment Ozonator
Equipment Perimetrical LED + LED lighting
Tub Pearl White Pearl White Tub
Finish Dark Grey Dark Grey finish
Cover C/30 Spa cover C30
Reference SP-WAVE3
Pump 1 x 2.2 kW two-speed pump (massage + circulation)
Heating Balboa® 2 Kw
Filtration CMP® cartridge floating skimmer
Tub ABS-PMMA Lucite® acrylic + very high density insulating foam
Finish Very high density stratified HPL Nomawood®
Net weight (empty) 260 kg
Volume 1200L
Safe, isothermal cover
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