The trendy premium inflatable spa

5/6 persons
Easy and fast
inflatable structure

The premium inflatable spa that combines durability and refinement

Give your loved ones that break that they will want to repeat all year round. Relaxing bubbles, water at the perfect temperature, the Python premium spa can fulfil all your wishes.

And for your peace of mind, opt for a spa that can handle high traffic! NetSpa's premium inflatable spas are enhanced with a second, stronger and more durable outer layer. They are finished in matt black imitation leather with a crocodile pattern to beautify your wellness space.

Well-defined seating on each side provides for a more generous interior for up to 6 people.

NetSpa's intelligent block motor takes care of all the functions of your Python spa: inflating the structure, filtering and heating the water, as well as diffusing bubbles through the 130 air nozzles located inside the tub.

The benefits

  • + Prestige croco-style finish
  • + Octagonal design for better comfort
  • + Triple function motor massage / heating / filtration
  • + Floor cover
  • + 100% safe insulating cover
  • + Removable motor block
  • + Power socket with 10 mA differential protection


Structure and electronics
Why choose the Python premium inflatable spa

Time to relax

Immerse yourself in clear, filtered water that has the perfect temperature, and enjoy the relaxing effects of the bubbles.

In a space enhanced by a premium inflatable spa from NetSpa, you can take a well-deserved break. The water is heated to the desired temperature and the relaxing bubbles in the tub release all mental and physical tensions. A moment to be repeated whenever you have the opportunity.

A complete offer: install, enjoy

Do you want to create a relaxing space in your home, but don't know where to start? NetSpa's range of premium inflatable spas will help you get started.

The Boa, Caiman and Python can be assembled in 15 minutes! They come with all the equipment you'll need - floor cover, insulated cover, three-function motor block, filter cartridge and its holder as well as secure differential socket.

Before you fill your spa, why not move it around as many times as you need to find its ideal location. Once it is filled with water, the motor block takes care of the rest.

What is a premium inflatable spa?

The premium inflatable spa has an additional outer cover that wraps around the traditional liner.

With this double layer, the premium inflatable spa is better suited to heavy use and is more resistant to occasional bumps.

The black matt finish with crocodile effect enhances any choice of decoration and relaxation area.

A smart motor block common to all NetSpa hot tubs

NetSpa equips its inflatable and semi-rigid spas with the same high-quality smart motor block.

This easy-to-install motor unit is controlled from an intuitive digital display. Each button has its own function: inflating the spa structure, adjusting the water temperature, controlling the filtration and diffusing relaxing bubbles throughout the tub.


Spa characteristics

Dimensional chart
Capacity 5/6 persons
Inside dimensions L 145 cm x W 145 cm x H 70 cm
Outside dimensions L 185 cm x W 185 cm x H 70 cm
Water volume 850 L
Net weight (empty) 30 kg
Air nozzles 130
Inner liner 0.6 mm beaded PVC liner
Outer liner 0.8 mm laminated PVC
Finishing exterior cover Croco effect leatherette
Isothermal cover Heats water with solar energy and prevents losses
Ground protection Synthetic fabric mat
Straps Secure locking with special buckles

Power unit charactéristics

Power unit chart
Control panel Integrated digital panel
Power supply 240 V ~ 50 Hz
Pump Air and bubble pump 650 W
Bubble pump noise level 68 dB at 1 m
Filter pump 40 W
Filtration pump noise level 55 dB at 1 m
Filtration flow 1200 L/h
PTC heating unit Capacity 1500 W
Speed 1.5°C– 2.5°C/hour
Maximum temperature 42°C
Double insulation for the heater
Usage conditions 5°C or above
Certification: CE and GS
10 mA differential power socket
1 bacti-stop filter
Drainage pipe
Filtration sleeve