Vita Premium

A semi-rigid spa that optimizes your space

4 to 6 persons
Easy and fast

An innovative relaxing bubble spa

Choosing the Vita Premium semi-rigid spa means choosing optimization.

Whether indoors or outdoors, you can create a relaxing corner to share with your loved ones. They will enjoy the generous space offered by a round tub. A shape that fits in with any style.

Unique in the NetSpa range, the Vita Premium is available in a taupe colour that can easily be matched with even the most vibrant of colours.

The Vita Premium semi-rigid spa is a real innovation in the world of wellness, providing a solution for those looking for a semi-rigid spa at an ultra-competitive price!

Unique to the Vita Premium, the filter cartridge is integrated into the motor block to optimise the space inside the bath.

Give yourself 15 minutes to assemble it and enjoy!

with furniture


  • + Comfortable and secure dense foam structure
  • + Great water depth (neck and shoulders fully-immersed)
  • + Integrated comfort floor mat
  • + Shape designed for optimised installation
  • + Available with optional accompanying furniture
  • + Fast installation in 15 minutes
  • + 100% safe insulating cover


Structure and electronics
Why choose the Vita Premium semi-rigid spa

A relaxation space in a blink

The weather forecast has just announced that the mercury is rising. This year, it's decided, you're going to take advantage of each of the beautiful days that are offered to you. Your semi-rigid spa will be your best ally. As a matter of fact, with its dense foam walls which are integrated into a woven PVC envelope, it will not be long in coming.

Your cocooning space is assembled in only 15 minutes. All you will have to do is accessorise it.

What is a semi-rigid?

NetSpa semi-rigid spas are composed of dense foam walls that are simply inserted inside the liner. Your hot tub can be assembled just as quickly and offers significant advantages over inflatable hot tubs.

The Vita Premium is a durable spa that can be used season after season. This type of "semi-rigid" composition is more resistant to temperature changes. It even stands up to the claws of your pet!

The dense foam in the walls provides a reassuring support in the back, while the insulating bottom mat integrated in the inner liner provides a pleasant sitting comfort.

Sobriety in the classic

With the Vita Premium you can welcome everyone for a relaxing break in an elegant space where everyone can meet.

Its classic round shape makes it an ideal spa to integrate indoors or outdoors, even in the smallest of spaces.

Custom-made furniture is available as an option. A cabinet to hide the backdrop or engine block, a shelf for towels, an access step and a bench with cushions to extend your relaxation time outside the spa.

Everything has been thought for your enjoyment!

Enjoy your relaxing time with ease of mind knowing that your Vita Premium spa is equipped with an intelligent motor block that ensures the water is healthy, filtered and heated to perfection.

For your seating comfort, a foam floor is integrated into the spa liner.

An insulating cover also accompanies NetSpa semi-rigid spas to maintain the water at the right temperature and secure the spa between uses.

Immersed in water up to your shoulders, you can relax both physically and mentally.

Aesthetic and safe liners

The pearl white interior liner of your spa creates a sparkling reflection in the spa water. From the outside, the black braided-finish liner adds a touch of luxury to your creation.

An insulating and security cover is supplied with the spa. Between uses, the warmth of the tub is retained, reducing your energy consumption. The risk of unwanted visitors is also reduced.

Discover also our furniture dedicated to Vita Premium

Diameter with the furniture around: 290 cm

Twin-door credenza

Motor block furniture

High step

Comfort bench

Low shelf


Spa characteristics

Dimensional chart
Capacity 4+2 persons
Inside dimensions Ø 160 cm x H 73 cm
Inside dimensions Ø 184 cm x H 73 cm
Water volume 1100 L
Net weight (empty) 46 kg
Air nozzles 88
Outer liner Cover in braided PVC Textilene 0.8mm thick
Inner liner Pearl white acrylic PVC 0.6mm
Isothermal cover Heats water with solar energy and prevents losses
Straps Secure locking with special buckles

Power unit charactéristics

Power unit chart
Control panel Integrated digital panel
Power supply 240 V ~ 50 Hz
Pump Air and bubble pump 500 W
Bubble pump noise level 68 dB at 1 m
Filter pump 40 W
Filtration pump noise level 55 dB at 1 m
Filtration flow 1200 L/h
PTC heating unit Capacity 2000 W
Speed 1.5°C– 3°C/hour
Maximum temperature 42°C
Double insulation for the heater
Usage conditions 5°C or above
10 mA differential power socket
1 bacti-stop filter
Drainage pipe
2 plugs
Filtration sleeve
Your spa and accessories delivered in a beautiful packaging