Active oxygen

Universal treatment for NetSpa hot tubs

4 to 6 persons
Easy and fast

All in 1 treatment for spas and above ground pools

The NetSpa active oxygen treatment is a powerful disinfectant able to destroy bacteria and other micro-organisms found in the water of your hot tub. It, however, does not contain any chlorine so minimizes all unwanted effects to the skin and on the spa.

The NetSpa active oxygen can also be used in above ground swimming pools.

Use one tablet per 1250L of water, about once a week. The tablet dissolves in water in about an hour. We recommend using a floating dispenser to optimize your spa and swimming pool treatment.

Compatible with:

  • + Inflatable, semi-rigid and rigid/acrylic spas
  • + All above ground swimming pools
  • + All portable swimming pools

Active oxygen characteristics

Dimensional chart - netspa parasol
The pack comprises 1 box with 20 tablets
Type of treatment Chlorine free - Spa sides protected
Treatment 1 tablet = 1 week of treatment
Production European-made meeting highest standards