New for 2024: The new range of NetSpa acrylic spas is available.

3 to 5 seats
Easy and quick

By choosing NetSpa acrylic spas, you opt for a bubble bath that focuses on relaxation through an exceptional hydromassage jet system.

You can enjoy the spa day or night thanks to the integrated lighting system. A thermal cover is provided for the protection of the bath when not in use.

Their rounded shapes and ergonomics provide comfort and a deep, targeted massage to relieve muscle tension and eliminate toxins. The external cladding in composite wood gives a warm and high-end touch to the finish of this spa.


  • + Balboa® TP500 control panel
  • + Lucite® / Aristech ABS/PMMA tub
  • + CMP® jets
  • + Floating skimmer
  • + Nomawood® high-density panels
  • + 1 massage pump 2.2hp and 1 circulation pump
  • + Ozone treatment
  • + Soft and rounded design
  • + LED projector and peripheral LEDs
  • + ByPass included to connect the Spawer heat pump
  • + French after-sales service


Tub and structure
Electrical equipment
Why Choose Celtic Acrylic Spas

Save up to 75% energy using Spawer

Our Celtic spa range can be sold in a pack with a spa heat pump from the Poolex brand. The O'Spa 5kw heat pump from the Spawer range will save you up to 75% energy. With its high coefficient of performance, your investment will quickly pay off..

CMP® Jets and Massaging Jets

In your NetSpa rigid spa, you indulge in complete well-being.

Adjustable jets are optimally placed throughout the spa. Whether for mental relaxation or muscle relief, choose the type of massage that suits you best.

Natural Ozone Treatment

Enjoy your relaxation time with peace of mind in clean, naturally disinfected water.

NetSpa acrylic spas are equipped with an ozonator for water purification. Bacteria, viruses, and algae are eliminated by oxidation. This natural treatment also prevents bad odors and scale formation.

Dual-Speed Pump

Water filtration and jet operation are two distinct components. That's why NetSpa has chosen to equip these acrylic spas with a dual-speed pump. Thanks to a system comprising two windings, the pump modulates its speed according to the function it performs.

Floating Skimmer

Your spa's floating skimmer adapts to the water level. It prevents clogging as soon as there is more than one user. Water filtration is optimized at all times.

High-Density Nomawood® Cladding

Elegance and resistance

Your NetSpa acrylic spa is clad in high-quality exterior panels that are both elegant and resistant. Your wellness space becomes a real living area that you share with your loved ones.

  Celtic 1 Celtic 2 Celtic 3
Number of Seats 5 seats: 4 sitting + 1 lying 5 seats: 3 sitting + 2 lying 3 seats: 1 sitting + 2 lying
Control Panel Balboa© TP500
Number of Jets 33 34 33
Air Control Venturi: air/water mix adjustment
Water Treatment Ozonator
Equipment Perimeter LEDs + LED spot
Tub Pearl White Tub Pearl White
Cladding Dark Grey Cladding Dark Grey
Cover C/30 Spa Cover C30
  Celtic 1 Celtic 2 Celtic 3
Pump 1 massage pump 2.2 kW and 1 circulation pump
Heating Balboa® 3 kW
Filtration CMP® floating skimmer with cartridge
Tub Acrylic ABS-PMMA Lucite® / Aristech USA + very high density foam insulation
Cladding Nomawood® High-density laminate HPL
Weight (empty) 225 kg 225 kg 185 kg
Volume 1000L 1000L 950L
Couverture isotherme sécurisée
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