A spa for your decoration



Adding a note of luxury to your garden

To add a touch of luxury to your garden, we bring aesthetically pleasing elements, but we also want them to be functional so that we can enjoy them all year round.

Why not create a wellness and relaxation area? If the idea of well-being is more related to water, bubbles and waterfalls, we choose a spa. This will blur the limits between the interior and the exterior. It is an aesthetic and functional element that can be enjoyed throughout the seasons.

At NetSpa, the rigid acrylic hot tub can totally be installed outside. The Halfmoon and the Square will enhance your outdoor decoration. Sitting or lounged, you can enjoy all the benefits of a shiatsu or palpe-roulé type massage provided by the nozzles placed throughout the tub in an ergonomic way. The chromatherapy lighting system adds colour to the atmosphere.

To decorate your wellness space, NetSpa has about everything! From a step to easily access the tub to the cupboard unit to protect the motor block. It is fitted with an upper trap so you can easily access the digital panel without having to get out of the spa!

Store away your towels and accessories in shelves and a credenza. With a neat space, you can now customise it with your own decoration. You can find a great amount of ideas on our product sheets.

This furniture in composite wood finished with a braided PVC beautifies your wellness area while securing it.

The furniture that we propose on our NetSpa website is adapted to more than one hot tub model. The furniture kit for the semi-rigid Vita spa can also fit a NetSpa 4-person round hot tub. And the furniture designed for the Vita Premium could be adapted a NetSpa 6-person round hot tub.

Dont't wait anymore and discover your future wellness space at a shop near you!