Spa spotlight

100% waterproof stand alone low voltage light.

4 to 6 persons
Easy and fast

For a brighter hot tub!

This NetSpa low voltage spot light is fitted with a rechargeable battery.

Add colours to your hot tub!

Compatible with alls spas, the NetSpa spot light brightens up your spa water with white or coloured lighting.

Enjoy a customized ambiance almost instantly with this LED light that charges up in only 4 hours for a 12-hour use time.

Compatible with:

  • + Inflatable, semi-rigid and rigid/acrylic spas
  • + All above ground swimming pools
  • + All portable swimming pools

NetSpa spot light characteristics

Dimensional chart - netspa parasol
Model SP-N1407542/2017
The pack comprises 1x spot light for hot tub + 1x charger
Charging/usage time 4 hours / 12 hours
Lifetime 3,000 hours
Rechargeable Battery 3.7V, 2000mAH
Light White + RVB
Light power 5 W
Waterproof standard IPX7